Cedar Woods Assisted Living & Memory care

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Cedar Woods Assisted Living & Memory care

Gary Kearns (2-10-17)​

To the staff Cedar Wood

The warmth, care and compassion you provided for my father Joe Kearns was the best I could ever ask for. Thank you so much

Lots of Love to all, Bert Spooner (2-7-17)

“To the entire staff at Cedar Woods”

Thank you for all of care and love that was given to my mother (Almeta) as well as the love that you shared with me. I truly appreciate all of you. I’m forever grateful.

Sincerely Kathy Farr – August 1, 2016​

Dear Mr Elder,

I just wanted to thank you again for taking time out (even from eating) to help solve ‘Violas’ problem today. There are days I feel lost as what to tell her. I know you have a difficult job trying to keep things running smoothly and people happy and so your kindness today meant more today than you could possible realize.


It’s always such a pleasure to be in your facility. Everyone is so helpful and friendly! I look forward to being able to present continuing education to your team at Cedar Woods.


The staff of Southern Care 2-10-16​


Yours truly, Andi Chapman RN, CDP​

Cedar Woods is blessed to have some very fine and friendly staff! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to meet them and help them care for you resident through educational meetings.  


Featured Testimonials